Deeper Smart Sonar: New Fish Sonar Technology+Smart Phone\Tablet (My Review)

How does the Deeper Smart Sonar work?

Toss the fish sonar into the water and read the details on your smartphone or tablet.

These fish finders float on the surface of the water, scanning and transmitting detailed bottom and water column data direct to your smartphone or tablet.  

Get instant readings on

  • depth
  • bottom structure
  • vegetation
  • temperature and
  • fish location to maximize your catch rate….

The Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0 uses a Bluetooth connection with a casting range of up to 130ft / 40 m….

Because they use a Wi-Fi connection, the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO and PRO+ boast an extended casting range of 330ft / 100 m….

All three models weigh just 3.5oz/100g and measure 2.5ins/65mm in diameter, making them suitable for use with standard rods and lines, with no special tackle required….

Using the Deeper Smart Sonar could not be easier.

  • Tie it to the end of your fishing line using the attachment bolt..
  • Cast it into  the area you are looking to check out .
  • Real back in at a slow, steady rate.
  • Look at your Smart Phone\Tablet and see a picture of what lies beneath the water…

Of course you are going to need to also have the correct bait and line+reel+pole…

What is in the water for you?  Deeper Smart Sonar’s are one of the newest ways to see what lies beneath…

This will give you a better chance to get the trophy catch….

Now shore fishers can access a range of data previously only available from expensive boat consoles.

Use Deeper Smart Sonar For All Kinds Of Fishing

  • Shore Fishing
  • Boat/Kayak Fishing
  • Ice Fishing

Both the PRO and PRO+ are able to be used as an ice fishing flasher, allowing you to examine the water column beneath your hole…..

You can use Split Screen mode to view normal sonar feedback simultaneously, so you can get a dead on view of your approaching target fish…….

Zoom feature makes everything easier……

Exclusive To PRO+

The Deeper PRO+ comes with an amazing feature to be packed into a smartphone fishfinder: bathymetric mapping….

The PRO+ not only allows you to view lake maps, but to pull your unit over the water and create your own accurate, detailed bathymetric maps of the bottom….

This feature is available to use even while fishing from shore….

This is a big plus over the regular Boat Mode maps, which are not in close detail….

Mapping Feature

With the mapping feature, you can create detailed maps of hotspots in your favorite water;

you can make record of the bottom contour, so you know where fish will be hiding.

Boat Mode

Boat Mode lets you download free online maps and pinpoint your location on them.

High Resolution display gives you a crisp, clear feedback.

The high scanning rate of up to 15 scans per second ensures you don’t miss anything.

What Others Are Saying

on December 30, 2016
Excellent product. Worked for me as described. So far I used it few times and no problem at all. Fishing from shore have always been a challenge, but deeper change that for me. Good Job Deeper
on January 22, 2017
I got this after much studying and I have to say I was completely impressed. I took it to a local pond to try it out and it worked flawlessly. I mapped the entire pond in about one hour. Highly recommend the GPS version. The battery went from 100% to 87%, not bad for the number of casts I made. Battery on my IPhone not the same story. Went from 77% to 17% in same amount of time. I will get a extra charger for a full day out on a lake. Software was easy to understand and had no issues with connecting or staying connected. I totally love this fish finder!
on February 2, 2017
From my first use of the Deeper Sonar Pro ice fishing, I’m impressed that it worked very well. The app was easy to operate and mark with. Battery life was very good too for leaving it on for four hours straight.


Q: Where can I buy Deeper Smart Sonar

A: You can buy Deeper Smart Sonar directly from the manufacturer using this link!!